DanDana Ep. 09 | Musikarama: Refugee Musicians in Athens Mon, 2019-11-04 13:21

Early July DanDana team Christina Hazboun, Emily Sarsam and Yamen Makdad met in Athens to celebrate fellow co-host Yamen’s epic wedding. In this unique episode our musical journey follows the music of a refugee collective blending music and dignity: the project of Musikarama. A collaborative and communal initiative based within the Communitism Centre in the heart of anarchic Athens neighbourhood of Metaxourghio. We spoke to one of the main music instigators at the heart of it all: Kareem Kabbani about how music helps Syrian and other refugees settle in their host country and how the refugee crises is played out in music and space within Athens.

This episode was edited with the help of the fantastic Moody Kablawi.

Musikarama and No Border: Nu Bari Nboye
Musikarama and No Border: Apo Xeno Topo/Bent Elshalabiah
Musikarama and No Border: Halasmar Elloon
Musikarama and No Border: Fog El Nakhal