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DanDana Ep 04 | Armenian Music Wed, 2019-02-06 18:06


A long-awaited episode from the DanDana team is back. We’re travelling to Armenia to explore the eclectic mixes of styles across region, religion and times. Our guest on the program is Armenian singer Miganouche Baghramian and we have a special interview at the end with Armenian singer and musician Apo Sahagian, frontman of Bethlehem, Palestine based Apo and The Apostles. In this interview turn a “blind ear” or tune into the noise soundscape of Bethlehem.


Track list:

  1. Goght – Ishkhanapar
  2. The House of The Seven Uncles: Theme of the house of the seven uncles (Salam Alay: The Sound of the Arminian Diaspora Album)
  3. Apo Sahagian: Janoy Jan
  4. Komitas, rearranged by Tigran Hamasyan and performed by Yerevan State Chamber Choir – Havoun Havoun – Album Luys i Luso
  5. Arranged and performed Jivan Gasparyan: Dle Yaman
  6. Jason Hamacher: Our Father Who Art in Heaven
  7. Arno Babajanyan – Elegia (Elegy)
  8. Konstantin Orbelyan & Tatevik Oganesyan – Vocalise
  9. Artemi Ayvazyan: Hayastan
  10. Garnik Sirkissian: Khremyan Hayrik
  11. Lilit Pipoyan: Armenian Lullaby