Dance With The Fridge: The One Where Darcy Is Drunk? Fri, 2018-11-16 16:25

PILOT EPISODE: Listen to find out if Darcy is drunk (is she? isn’t she? shall we ever know?) as well as to hear some radical tunes from our collections – we’ve got some led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Warmdusher, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and everything else you could want so that you can dance with your fridge.


Dance With The Fridge – the SOAS/UCL radio show you never knew you needed. We play you roughly 45 minutes of Indie/Alternative music, from punk to jazz and all things in between. All the while – you boogie with the fridge that unfortunately wasn’t as blessed as you to be able to do so. So listen and DANCE FOOL….and tell ya nan.’

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