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Justynas’ – Discovering the World of Music – Podcast Series 

Justynas podcasts will delve into her wealth of accumulated knowledge from her years of  musical globe trotting and audio collecting.  Each episode will concentrate on unexpected composition from all corners of the globe. Focusing and explaining beautiful foreign sounds. We will also follow different musical instruments used the world over in different styles.

Tune into to hear Justyna narrate and introduce ideas and musics of the world.


Episode One: Classical Music, Inspired by the World

In this episode, Justyna discovers how classically trained composers transcribed oriental atmosphere, ambiance or feelings to compose classical tunes,  which in their opinion, transcend the listener to faraway lands. Places that were distant and places where many listeners were un-able to travel too. As is the case with Debussy and his gamelan (Indonesia)  influenced compositions. There were no mass travelling, and original field study recordings were very rarely accessible,  so composers had to imagine themselves in foreign lands and put this onto paper and write the music. We then touched more contemporary composers who had the influence of research and perhaps even travel.

Example 1 (time 1.58)

Fazil Say “Alla Turca”  Turkish March improvisation on W A Mozart- Sonata no 11 A major part 3 Turkish March

Example 2 (time 5.34)

Claude Debussy- Estampes part 1 Pagodes  played on piano by Daniel Barenboim

Example 3 (time 1.39) 

John Cage Sonata no 5  played on piano by Inara Ferreira, recorded in Florida, USA

Example 4 (time only 3.32)

Leopold Godowsky-Java Suite, No1. Gamelan  (composed in 1924-5)

performed by Esther Budiardjo in 2000

Example 5

Lou Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin and cello with javanese gamelan composed 1981-2

Kenneth Golsmith -violin and Terry king -Cello

First part grandly but moderate (8.27 minutes from the beginning)

Example 6

M Balakirev- Islamey

Valentina Lisitsa (you can play up to 1.47 min)

Example 7

Ernest Bloch -Schelomo:Rhapsodie hebraique for cello and orchestra (1915)

Part 1 (8.08 min)

Orchestra: Utah Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Maurice Abravanel

cello soloist : Zara Nelsova

Example 8

Soghomon Soghomonian comonly known as  Komitas – Six Dances (composed in 1906) (2.55 min)

First dance – Yarangi

Piano : Hayk Melikyan

Example 9

Luciano Berio(arrang.) -Azerbaijan Love Song (2.28 min)

Cathy Berberian – Mezzo-soprano

Example  10

Peter Feuchtwanger

Tariqa 1 (4.52 min)

Piano: Masako Kamikawa

Example 11

Alexander Borodin Music from musical Kismet

created in 1953 by Robert Wright and George Forrest

You could play from minute 10.10 till the end 15.45

Example 12

Benjamin Britten

Prince of pagodas 13 music from the ballet

Example 13

Cesar Cui : no 9 Orientale op.50 for cello and piano from Kaleidoscope collection of 24 pieces (1.43 min)

Example 14

Rimsky-Korsakov-Scheherezade- Verbier Festival Orchestra, Valery Gergiev (time 3.12)



Produced and Presented by: Justyna

Co-produced and Edited by: Sophie Darling

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