Chat Shit Show Pilot: Funky Tunes with Maurice Tue, 2018-11-13 20:22

In this pilot we meet: Maurice – a high-haired musician hailing from Ireland via London… and Sophie a happy hippi gal hailing from the South via London. Maurice and Sophie met outside Rough Trade East one fine hipster Saturday and the  shi* chattin flowed like the eternally re-filling ales we drank…. and the chattin shi* never ended….

In this pilot Maurice and Sophie exchange funky tunes with one another whilst chatting some whimsical shiz.

We also agree that FUNKY can be anything, so long as you think it is as funky AS.


CONTENT WARNING: May be some ridiculous, possible rude and explicit –  spit balling.

Welcome to the Chat Shit Show with Sophie Darling.

Each episode Sophie invites a pal into the studio to share tunes from a mutual taste. In between introducing the song, there shall be many a form of conviviality, frivolity and hilarity…Expect profanity, expect satire and expect an awful lot of chatting shit. Buckle in – it’s a right laugh!

Production / Presenting: Sophie Darling


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