Chat Shit Show: South African Vinyl with Aaron and Isuru Wed, 2019-01-16 21:47

Aaron travelled all the way from South Africa with a precious selection of vinyls to gift to Sophie… in this Chat Shit Show, Aaron and Sophie. Sophie and Aaron met at a intimate music festival tucked far away in the furthest reaches of the globe…. the Okavango Delta – Botswana. Sophie and Aaron immediatly realised they were bred from the same rare stem of ultra radi-cooooool humans. A fabulous bush baby friendship blossomed across seas…

We take advantage of Aaron having grown up in South Africa as we Chat Shit about kwaito music, Miriam Makeba, shaangan music, NYE parties and much more…

Also in the room with us is fellow friend and DJ partner Isuru who ensures the show’s selection of shit jokes.


Funky Jungle-Strobe cover of black gorilla single
Disco dancer- Kiki Gyan
Ozila 2001- Ozila
Maseru-Monimang by Manzini Girls
Maqhabaqhaba- the mthembu all star queens
Wohlonipha- Abalamuli
Zinja Hlungwani- Nwa Gezani My Love
Love me or leave me alone – Kabelo
Bargain Park Jive-Soweto boys
Pula ea na (it’s raining)- Hugh Masekela
A vha mu divhi (Rastafari)- Colbert Mukwevho
Anishilabi- Batsumi




CONTENT WARNING: May be some ridiculous, possible rude and explicit –  spit balling.

Welcome to the Chat Shit Show with Sophie Darling.

Each episode Sophie invites a pal into the studio to share tunes from a mutual taste. In between introducing the song, there shall be many a form of conviviality, frivolity and hilarity…Expect profanity, expect satire and expect an awful lot of chatting shit. Buckle in – it’s a right laugh!

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