Chat Shit Show - Pubbin' Special with Meghann Mon, 2019-03-25 18:21

In this episode of the Chat Shit Show, best friend and step-in mother – Meghann joins Sophie in the studio for a throwback ‘pubbing’ special.

Pubbing is the term for frequenting pubs instead of night clubs – and this throw back focuses on the ‘golden years’ of Meghann and Sophies social lives, and also the lives of the gang so named ‘POO’ in Portsmouth circa 2013-15/16.

Expect lots of classic garage tunes, and some serious cheese also.



CONTENT WARNING: May be some ridiculous, possible rude and explicit –  spit balling.

Welcome to the Chat Shit Show with Sophie Darling.

Each episode Sophie invites a pal into the studio to share tunes from a mutual taste. In between introducing the song, there shall be many a form of conviviality, frivolity and hilarity…Expect profanity, expect satire and expect an awful lot of chatting shit. Buckle in – it’s a right laugh!

Production / Presenting: Sophie Darling



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