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Chat Shit Show: Loving LIVE Thu, 2019-10-17 11:22

In this Chat Shit Show: Host Sophie Darling invites good pal Amy into the studio, to chat shit about their favorite experiences with LIVE MUSIC! From the best gigs of all time to their favorite bands to see live… explicit content – because Amy can’t control herself.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Chat Shit Show is self-explanatory: Sophie Darling invites a pal for each episode, with a focus topic on which to Chat Shit, illustrated with musical tracks.
Expect profanity, expect satire and expect an awful lot of chatting shit. Buckle in – it’s a right laugh!

Production / Presenting: Sophie Darling



Soothsayers – Good Vibrations (Wahwah45’s) – VINYL

GOAT – Talk to God (Rocket Recordings)

Malphino – Republica Federal de Malphino (Lex Records)

Dele Sosimi – E Go Better (Wahwah45’s)

Tootard – Sahra – (Glitterbeat Records)

Pink Floyd – Dogs (Columbia Records)

Frank Zapper – bobby Brown (Zappa Records)

The Scorpios – Mashena & Mashela (Afro7)

Dreadzone – Little Britain (Virgin Records)

Khruangbin  – People Everywhere (Still Alive) (LateNight Tales)

AGBECO – Unite  (Wormfood)

Fat Freddys Drop – Blackbird (Remote Control Records)