CAS 346 | Occupy Carnival Sat, 2014-03-01 20:05

Carnival is upon us: the streets of Rio de Janeiro have been taken over by music and cheer. A collective of artists and activists decided to give it a little twist and the result is outstanding! Wonderful parodies of great carnival classics! Listen to the songs in the show and sing along to the great lyrics, which you can download from here.

Occupy Carnival Manifesto”

“Carnival is the most beautiful cry from the people!
We occupy the streets with banners, confetti and streamers, to show that Rio belongs to us: with its Pierrots and Columbines alive and kicking.
Down with the turnstyles that have turned the city into a business, where profits prevail over lives, where money is freer than people.
For as long as reality is capitalized, we shall socialize our dream.
Hail, the rebel energy!
Hail, the creative costumes.
Hail, traditional carnival characters Z? Pereira and Saci Perere.
Our city is not for sale and our rights are not a product.
Carnival revellers, unite!

Ocuppy Them. Ocuppy Me. Ocuppy You. Ocuppy Everything. #ocupacarnaval! “