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Caipirinha Appreciation Society #517: Beyondemics Sat, 2021-04-17 14:47

A radio show that proposes to expose the full breadth and width of Brazilian music, the Caipirinha Appreciation Society sometimes focuses on a style, sometimes on a theme, sometimes on just the music itself. Hit that play button and enjoy a little break from current events or any unpleasant thoughts at all!

daíra feat. andréa bak | guilherme held feat. criolo | fran | lerry | baiana system feat. b. negão | uh! neto feat. chiquinha mi tzi | barbatuques | bongar and maga bo | paulo miklos | raphael gemal | saci wèrè | gabriel oliveira | os dentes | maria creuza | ramonzin | peri pane | carlos ferrera | cosmopaulistas | romero ferro | trash pour 4 | clara valente and mocambo | marcelo nakamura | cris braun and dinho zampier | banda gente feat. roberta dittz | paula cavalciuk | nasi | félix robatto

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