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Caipirinha Appreciation Society #512: Second Hand Fri, 2020-10-30 19:25

Those of you who also listen to our other show* can claim to have heard some of the songs in this episode before. The Caipirinha Appreciation Society usually has first-born privileges, but hey, accidents happen.

camila rocha | pedro fonte | andré l.r. mendes | nevi lunes | rafael castro | china | gogó boys | alex sant’anna and isaar | caê maia | mussa samba combo | porcas borboletas | tripa seca | ramiro mart | xamã feat major rd | irmão carlos | ruxell, glória groove and rincon sapiência | mun ha | cesrv feat. fleezus and febem | mc tha | criolo | edi rock | sapiência and mano brown | thiago elniño | da ganja | jhony mc

* Caipirinha Libre (the CAS for Spanish speakers)

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