Bang Bang Bang De Qiao Men Sheng 梆梆梆的敲门声 - Ep.12 Fri, 2016-11-04 17:55

Recorded live from SOAS Radio, DJ Qiu kicks off season 2 of Bang Bang Bang De Qiao Men Sheng with a selection of music soon to come on future episodes.

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰 – Trick 伎俩

Slanty Eyed Mama – Me Love You Longtime

Xie Tian Xiao 谢天笑 – 潮起潮落是什么都不为 

Kidney 腰 – Everyday 日常

Chuiwan 吹完 – Beijing is Sinking

South Acid Mimi南方酸性咪咪 – REMEMBER NOW

Da Bang 大棒-Love Becomes the Ghost Behind You 爱变成你身后的鬼

Five People 五条人- Sea Breeze (Live) 海風(現場版)