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Bagpipes Galore Special Episode 6 Wed, 2013-02-27 19:41

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A whole hour of bagpipe music for this special edition of Bagpipes Galore celebrating World Radio Day 2013.
Here is a selection of some of the finest piping music from around the world with sounds from Bulgaria to Portugal, Southern Italy to Northern England and with a special Iranian jazz fusion piece. Open your ears and welcome back into the unending world of bagpipes!

Jingle (intor and outro): Odur Syrtos
CD: Osannolika, Demo CD, 2012

Trakisski Bavna Melodia, Tracian Slow Melody
Krasimir Rachev: gaida
CD: The Great Bulgarian Masters, Stefkos Music SM0607107, 2006

Spider (Cliff Stapleton)
Angles, Steve Tyler: Hurdy Gurdy, Chris Walshaw: Sean Jones pipes, Richard Jones: accordion
CD: Angles ACD001, 2010

Regular Climbing Set: Baltic Traditional and Regular Climber (Andy May)
Andy May: Northumbrian pipes, Ian Stephenson: Guitar
CD: Happy Hours FECD224, 2009

Skaenlot efter Persson Menloess
Olle Gallmo: Sackpipa, Gunnar Boriesson: Guitar
CD: Med Pipan i Sacken AWCD-61 2008

Na Trapeza i Krivohoro, arranged by Angel Dobrev
Nedjalko Tzonev: gaida solo, Folk Music Orchestra of Bulgarian National Radio conducted by Christo Radonov
CD: Zebrovitza: treaures of Bulgarian Folk Music KVZ Music Ltd. / Riva Sound B0012GTCFK, 2005

Zar, Saeid Shanbehzadeh: Neyanban
CD: Jazz and Music from Southern Iran, Buda Music B004J68H92, 2011

The Firkin Point Set
Claymore, Grant Scroggie: Scottish Highland Bagpipes
CD: 41eme Festival Interceltique de Lorient : Annee des diasporas celtiques, Keltia KMCD 537, 2011

Liou Tan
Bagad Cap Caval (Brittany)
CD: Bagad Cap Caval ? Liou Tan, 4015463, 2011

Telamure, Francesco Rosa: Zampogna, Giovanni Semeraro: ciaramela, Francesco Semeraro: percussion
CD: Telamure: Tre di Mazze, Telamure, B0078EJ2DC

Matese (Piero Ricci)
Ecletnica Pagus, Piero Ricci: Zampogna
CD: Ecletnica Pagus 2006

Cercaviles de Muro a Orleans
Ximbomba Atomica
CD: Cabres de Plastic, Blau Productions, 2000

Galandum Galundaina
CD: Senhor Galandum, Acor EMTCD136/09, 2009

Carnaval: Traditional tune and Carnaval (Remi Decker)
CD: Griff 2005

Dani Bellon: gaita, Diego Maceiras: accordion
CD: Union das Terras, Import B001MGCPO0