Bagpipes Galore Episode 4 Tue, 2011-03-15 14:25

Galicia, Spain, has one of the highest densities of bagpipers in the world. The gaita is a popular
instrument and is played in many circumstances, from traditional gatherings to concerts and huge
festivals. With a quick historical background, this episode will mainly be playing records from the first
ever recorded gaitas in 1904 to the latest modern electro-rock sounds.

Here is also a youtube clip showing a recent group, Hableas Hainas, on stage.

Special thanks to Raul Galego, o gaitero nubeiro, for his expertise in gaita history and his unwavering
Thank you to Cristobal Prieto, gaitero and gaita maker from O Hio, without whom I would not have a set
of pipes or such a good collection of music.

Track list

Polka a Revolta, session in As Crechas, Santiago de Compostela, field recording, July 2005

Foliada de Romeros, Aires D?a Terra, ?Aires D?a Terra?, 2006 (1904)

Pasodoble Romantico, Os Cempes, with Anton Varela on the gaita, ?Moe a Moa?, recorded live in Vigo,
2004, ID: 512649

Entre O Millo by Anxo Pintos, Liveroom Circus, with Cassandre Balosso-Bardin on the gaita, recorded live
in Rattvick, Sweden, October 2010

The Ivory Lady, with Anxo Lorenzo on the gaita, ?Tir?n?, Zouma Records, 2009

La Sombra del Lobo, Spiritu 986, with Anxo Lorenzo on the gaita, ?Spiritu?, BMG Music (Spain), 2000,
ID: 74321783822