Azza Two - Hommage to Sophie and Caribbean Music Wed, 2020-04-22 19:34

I met Sophie Darling in the Okavanga Delta and her musical knowledge really made me jump for the moon (with excitement and joy). I’m happy to just listen to Sophie’s shows over and over because I like her voice and her musical taste. Her energy is healthy and uplifting and when I got back to Cape Town she got me up searching for records to bring to her when I was visiting London. It was so much fun to listen and dig for music and it made me happy. So when I got to London, I stayed in her dream of a room/boudoir and listened to her records all day. And my days and nights swung from reggae to soca and rapso. Music I’d never heard. So when we went to the record shops in London I dug (as in liked) the records she told me about. Sophie’s a sweet friend and the Hommage to Sophie Darling shows seemed like a sweet way to communicate cross sees with Sophie. Essentially I am gonna find music from the Caribbean and Africa to play for Sophie to hear. And all the records I’m keeping in a pirate treasure chest for when we meet again somewhere in the African wilderness. I would also be down for Sophie to play music for me from her collection and just read a short story or her old poetry for me once every two weeks. That would be cool. 
The first show played songs whose lyrical content is subversive to elite politics and is also a hommage to artists who sing about peoples’ problems. The singer giving voice to the feelings of many. It feels like an enlightenment when people reveal with voice things you just think for brief moments and don’t express properly. Capturing these musical movements on records has been a real blessing for me to hear. Blessings
Tracklist for Hommage to Sophie Darling
Soul Brother-Dalton-Stay Up Zimbabwe-Brother Valentino
Music and Rhythm-Mighty Sparrow (Off a WOMAD album)
No Future-Mighty Sparrow
Canned Goods-Homeboy Sandman
Inglan is a bitch-LKJ
Mankind gone crazy-Dougie Conscious
Bukk in Hamm Palace-Peter Tosh
Natural Dub- The Upsetters LSP
Shine Like a Blazing Fire -Third World
Ghetto Dub- Black Roots Players (album called Ghettology)
Black Harnony- King Tubby
So much things to say- Rita Marley
Crazy Daisy-Donovan
Saga-Saga- Colbert Mukhevho
Sangi-Siassia et Tokobina
Tony Antsimo-Damily
Down The Garden Path-Felix Laband
Ding Dong Thing- Felix Laband

Originally aired LIVE on a11 radio in Cape Town, South Africa – the eclectic musical motions of this show, mean there’s something for everyone to discover.

Presented by: Azza

Originally Aired On: a11 radio