AWIL- Rainlore world music albums top ten of 2011 Thu, 2012-02-09 18:23

The AWIL-Rainlore Top Ten of world music albums was compiled by Rich Rainlore and Ritu for this A World In London. Taking into account production quality, content, and originality, you can hear some of the finest CDs from 2011 on this show, with comments from Chetna Kapacee and Rich! Check out Rainlore?s World of for more info!

The Unthanks Bird Gerhl UK
Frank Yamma Pitjantjara Australia
Mark Weinstein El Cumbanchero USA
Javier Limon + La Susi Las Caritas Desnudas Spain
Sona Jobarteh Saya UK/Gambia
Pink Martini Donde Estas Yolanda USA
Heidi Vogel Chelsea Bridge UK/Brazil
DOA Verdes Herbas Spain
Le Trio Joubran Nawwar Palestine
The Unthanks Last UK