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AWIL 311 - Reem Kelani Thu, 2019-10-10 17:35

Our new season of AWIL shows at SOAS Radio began with a bang when musical tour-de-force Reem Kelani stepped into the studio. Her razor-sharp intellect, boundless indepth knowledge of Middle Eastern music, and supreme vocals bursting with passion and integrity left us in doubt that Reem is a living legend, unique, inspired, and inspirational. She’s just released a new EP called ‘What I Love About Her’ profiling songs by Kuwaiti women that were popularised in the 20th century. Reem has always been steadfast champion of women, the oppressed, and displaced, plus spent her formative years in Kuwait and qualifying as a marine biologist, but given her Palestinian roots (her mother was from Nazareth) she’s able to apply her infinite skills as a communicator across a broad range of dialects and cultures from the Arab world. This presents in her singing too, versatile, multiple-personalitied, and holistic.

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