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AWIL - 307 - Aino Moongo Tue, 2019-07-09 16:40

Namibian music & Stolen Moments with curator Aino Moongo on this A World in London! Click here:

A brilliant new exhibition about the music of Namibia opens at the SOAS Brunei Gallery this week and eloquent & distinguished curator Aino Moongo gave us a virtual guided tour! Much of Namibia’s rich culture and heritage has been overlooked, and overshadowed by  South Africa, but the tyranny of colonialism and apartheid soaked through into smaller neighbouring countries just as much. Hence, Stolen Moments: Namibian Music History Untold, is a timely phoenix-rising from the ashes of invisibility and oppression, reviving a treasure trove of musical gems and fantastic bands active between 1950 and 1980 that time forgot. But this is not just any old exhibition about old things. It’s a must-see multimedia extravaganza for all lovers of great music, heritage seekers, and vinyl junkies! Stolen Moments will delight ‘crate diggers’ who have scoured the world looking for hidden rares and dub plates by magnificent bands, with a kaleidoscope of images, soundbytes, film, and fresh new interpretations of music from southern Africa through specially commissioned performances linking London-based Afrobeat pioneer Dele Sosimi and Lokkhi Terra’s Kishon Khan, with Namibian musicians and DJ Ham Minney. Stolen Moments opens at SOAS on July 12th and runs till September 21st, coinciding with the end of a lengthy law suit forcing Germany to own up to the Namibian genocide and make reparations to the nation it colonised and occupied back in 1884. Aino Moongo prefaces the exhibition with these powerful words:“Imagine you had never known about the musical riches of your country. Your ears had been used to nothing but the dull sounds of country’s former occupants and the blaring church and propaganda songs that were sold to you as your country’s musical legacy. Until all at once, a magnitude of unknown sounds, melodies and songs appear. This sound, that roots your culture to the musical influences of jazz, blues and pop from around the world, is unique, yet familiar. It revives memories of bygone days, recites the history of your homeland and enables you for the first time to experience the emotions, joys and pains of your ancestors.’’


Joji Hirota-Akita-Japan/UK

Chocolate Hills – Rehip – UK

Dona Onete – Festa Do Tubardo – Brazil

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble –  Remember – Spain

Marcos Valle – Olha Quem Ta Chegando – Brazil

Ben Molatzi – Ben’s Whistling Song – Namibia

People’s Choice – Siwelewele – Namibia

Warmgat – unauthored

Going Global Gigs Guide: July 12 – Sept 21 Stolen Moments- Namibian Music History Untold @ Brunei Gallery SOAS, July 12-15 ShubbakFestival @ National Theatre, July 14 Juliana Yazbeck @ National Theatre,  July 14 Klezmer Klub @ Victoria Park Bandstand, July 14 Croydon Mela @ Wandle Park, July 14 Stella Chiweshe & Amira Kheir@ Jazz Café, July 14 Klezmer @ The Eleanor Arms, July 27 Third Focus Africa Music Festival @ Rich Mix, July 27 Kuch Kuch Bollywood Nights Sarees & Salwars party @ The Alice EC3A.

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