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AWIL 302 - Angie Paice Thu, 2019-06-06 11:35

One of the campaigns singer/songwriter Angie Paice is passionate about concerns Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has suffered three, long, lonely years of inhumane incarceration, separated from her young child, husband, and extended family. Angie Paice is relentless in her mission to break down walls – prison walls included – and writes songs which reflect her desire for a fair and just world. ‘Tragedies happen, you must expose and express passion about it’, she explains about her song ‘Free Nazanin’. Angie’s toured with numerous bands in Australia playing huge festivals like Freedom To the World in Sydney, and is currently producing another ‘Lemon & Paice’ album with her partner Neil Lemon. Whichever hat or moniker Angie wears she excels, and since ’music balances the yucky bit of the world’, Angie is a steadfast champion for freedom and peace. Hear her on this AWIL and find out more via: #FreeNazanin‎

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