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AWIL 289 - Aga Ujma Thu, 2019-02-21 13:44

Aga Ujma is one of the most exciting newcomers to join the AWIL in the last year. Between Masters degree studies at SOAS she’s performing at key venues in the capital including Greenwich & Young Peoples Theatre this Saturday Feb 23rd as part of the Sounds of the World series.

Aga plays Indonesian instruments in addition to classical piano which she learned in her native Poland before heading to Central Java for two years. She’s a thoughtful and talented composer inspired by the connections between Polish, English, and Indonesian folk music and as she embarks on a voyage of discovery across continents  and with instruments rarely heard in the UK, we share every morsel of her enthusiasm and findings.

On this AWIL you’ll hear Aga’s unique voice of childlike-innocence – her vocals alone could propel her to superstardom if she chose the Pop route. But at the moment they’re in a harmonious relationship with her current instruments of choice –  sasando – the gorgeous 32-string, butterfly-winged Indonesian zither, siter – a plucked string instrument related to gamelan, and gender barung – the Javanese xylophone.

Aga’s is working on her debut CD and when it reaches the shops it’s an essential buy, but meanwhile hear her on this AWIL and on YouTube!

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