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AWIL 286 - SHADO Magazine Thu, 2019-01-31 14:43

A brand new creativity & culture magazine has just been launched and it’s rather brilliant! SHADO which stands for ‘See’, ‘Hear’, ‘Act’, and ‘Do’, was dreamt up by SOAS graduate Hannah Robathan and a team of friends who realised that there’s been a disconnect between artists, activists, and academics.

Seeking to bring them all together as a more powerful & productive group for change, SHADO bridges the gap through its innovative online and print publication.‘Changing Perspectives: Stories of Migration to Europe’ is the theme for the inaugural issue, which came out last week to much demand, so you’d better hurry to secure a hard-copy as only limited numbers are left! SHADO has also resulted in a fabulous art exhibition and concert showcase, harnessing the incredible range of talent featured in the magazine – keep an eye out for their future ventures! To order a copy or find out more click here:

Also on this AWIL, fresh global music from around the planet, plus a heartfelt mini-tribute to Phil Stanton, creator of the Rough Guide CD series and labels World Music Network, Riverboat, and Introducing, who sadly passed away last week.

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