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AWIL 282 - The Sages Thu, 2018-12-13 13:58

You know those ‘wow’ faces made by the judges on Britain’s Got talent when they see something special? Well that was us on AWIL when we heard The Sages play live in our studio. We’re not judges nor celebrities but we know when we’re in the presence of greatness! The Sages may be young & student, but they have maturity way beyond their years, and the group was instigated by Chinese musical prodigy Yijia Tu just a year ago. Yijia has been writing songs since she was ten, released her first Pop album aged just seventeen, and has won numerous awards & talent shows in her native country. After hearing Mongolian throat singers she became fascinated with their style of singing and following the death of her grandfather vowed to make him proud by becoming a guardian angel of traditional music.

The result is this brilliant London entity, formed at SOAS, where East Asian and western/Celtic folk styles blend in perfect harmony, stretching throat-singing beyond monotone, overtone, drone into glorious melodic technicolour. Her two collaborators are talented multi-instrumentalist & gilt-voiced Irish Londoner Peadar Connolly Davey, and Czech – born global percussionist Gregor Bauer. The Sages add autoharp, acoustic guitar, and a ‘flower-pot’ drum to their magnificent voices, and are simply awesome to hear. Someone ought to sign them up – NOW!

AWIL bows out of SOAS Radio till January 9th – on a very merry high note thanks to The Sages and all the inspirational artists that have appeared on the show throughout Autumn. But, tune in for our pre-Xmas programme at Resonance FM on December 19th, with composer Howard Blake (‘The Snowman’) live in the studio. Plus we’ll be unveiling our AWIL Album Wonderland – Top 50 Global Albums of 2018! We wish you a wonderful festive season and thank you – as ever – for listening!

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