AWIL 280 - Piers Faccini Mon, 2018-12-03 12:42

We highlighted some all-important events in the capital’s calendar on this show, and first up was the Focus Africa 8th Anniversary Festival happening at Rich Mix on December 1st!

Focus Atta came in to tell us about the sensational line-up that includes kora king Sura Susso, and Afro-Cuban stars Grupo Lokito – more info at

Next on the mic was singer songwriter & painter, Piers Faccini, who nipped over to AWIL just before his Tuned In London concert on Wednesday eve. Along with Algerian musician Malik Ziad, Piers treated us to some live extracts from his acclaimed seventh album, “I Dreamed An Island”. Piers plays a vintage Martin guitar, which he’s adapted for microtonal flexibility, reflecting his diverse musical creations, instigated by his mixed heritage. Piers has worked with Rokia Traore, Ibrahim Maalouf, Vincent Segal, Ben Harper, and Ballake Sissoko, and we were completely mesmerised by his contemplative songs and soulful voice set over a North African backdrop of guitar and mandole on this AWIL.

Painting a thousand words with his lyrics, Piers says, ‘’If my songs were maps I’d want them to stretch from the English moors to the Saharan dunes via the plains of the Mediterranean.’’

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