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A World in London 256 - Paul Fisher Thu, 2018-04-19 17:45

We invited Far Side Radio’s Paul Fisher to give us a beginner’s introduction to new music from Asia – as widely as he could take us in under an hour. A formidable task, given that Indonesia alone has around 17,500 islands, and Japan nearly 7,000, many with cultural, linguistic and musical differences.
Paul was the ideal guide, with a couple of decades of Asian-related musical experience behind him and a keen ear for searching out new and imaginatively different music from the East. He chose musicians and singers who blend their countries’s musical traditions with the rhythms that attract modern listeners. We travelled through five countries, and a return visit (or several more) will have to be booked soon.
Paul Fisher can be heard on his regular show on Resonancefm, “Far Side Radio”. radio/


Nina Miranda – The Whole Of London (UK)
Namlo – Tamang Selo (UK/Nepal)
Murni Surbakti – Diding Musuh Suka (Indonesia-Sumatra)
Rasmee – Maya (Thailand)
Anna Chong – Maongi Hutu (Malaysia)
U Tin – Kat Kyaw De Myanmar (Burma/Myanmar)
Minyo Crusaders – Kushimoto Bushi (Japan)
Kanako Horiuchi – Danju Kaviyushi (Okinawa-Japan)

A World In London: 18/4/2018
Guest presenter: Norman Druker

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