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A World in London 202 - TEYR Fri, 2016-11-18 16:05

TEYR – three wise kings of soulful folk music on this A World In London!

The trio TEYR formed in 2012, comprising North London school chums Dominic Henderson and James Gavin (who has given me special dispensation to call him Jake). The third member, Tommie Black-Roff hails from Cornwall. Between them is a sublime blend of uilleann pipes, Irish whistles, guitars, and fiddles  creating ‘that sound’ which we know and love from films like the Titanic. The evocative sound that tugs at heart strings, sending us into rolling seas and on romantic journeys, breathing in salty air with drams of whiskey and wood logs burning at firesides. TEYR have probably never even set foot in a trawler but they have planted their musical feet solidly across the British isles from Lands End to the Outer Hebrides during their recent 28 day tour, showcasing their magnificent debut album ‘Far From The Tree’. With their commanding voices, sometimes earthy, at other times hearty, if TEYR were ever to sail a fishermen’s boat, you just know it would be in safe hands. Ditto for the future of folk music in the UK.


ARTIST                                  TRACK                                                   COUNTRY

Hossam Ramzy         Sabla Tolo IV                         Egypt/UK

Olah Gipsy Beats      Kon Dikhlas                           Hungary

Terrakota                   Mexe Mexe                             Portugal

Afrika Mamas           Uzulibonge                             South Africa

Tell Tale Tusk           Maid of Culmore                   UK/Cyprus

Azymuth                    Batucada Em Marte              Brazil

TEYR                          The Badge                               UK

‘   ‘                                Nothing Grows                       ‘  ‘

‘   ‘                                Ainm                                       ‘  ‘

‘   ‘                                False Lady                              ‘  ‘


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