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A World in London 182 Thu, 2016-04-28 16:21

The magical harmonies of The London Lucumi Choir on this A World In London!

Daniela De Armas, founder of The London Lucumi choir, nipped over to AWIL this week alongside Mish Aminoff. Both songstresses come from mixed heritage backgrounds, alluding to the eclectic and open nature of the choir itself. Created in 2006, LLC is about 25 members strong and they?re renowned for their Orisha/Yoruba repertoire often set to pulsating Afro-Cuban rhythms. On this occasion our focus was their wonderful collection of soothing lullabies including a perfect rendition of Hushabye Mountain, originally written for the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Remember Dick Van Dyke singing it to his children? Daniela?s three year old granddaughter Naila is one lucky gal as the entire CD ?Lullaby For Naila? is dedicated to her. No doubt she?ll be joining the ranks soon, but first, make sure you catch the London Lucumi Choir right here in our capital city at Rich Mix on Thursday May 5th, accompanied by an equally amazing line-up of gifted special guests like Reem Kelani, Juwon Ogungbe, Sarah-Jane Lewis,Juanita Euka, Sonia Sonayon, Michael Mercer Rosselson, Nana Clara Aldrin-Quaye, Lilli Elina, Davinia Bano, Jackson Scott, Tess Hirst, and Gerardo De Armas Sarria.

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Hossam Ramzy Sabla Tolo IV
London Tango Orchestra Malena
Ensemble Bakhtar Bada Bada
Prince Kiss
Papa Wemba Excuse Me
? ? Zero
Stepan Pasiczynk Chernobyl
The London Lucumi Choir Oguere
? ? Night Night Night
? ? Yoruba Lullaby Medley
? ? Belle
? ? Durme Durme
? ? Tou Tou Gbovi
? ? Hushabye Mountain
? ? Drume Negrita
? ? Lacho/Yemaya
? ? Connemara Cradle Song