AWIL 181 Fri, 2016-04-22 23:08

Eminent ethnomusicologists Veronica Doubleday & John Baily returned to AWIL this week with their potent & hypnotic songs from Herat. This ubiquitous duo are eminent beyond research & academia, as creative talents accomplished in photography, film-making, miniature painting, embroidery, and book writing. Their infinite ability to convey the very essence of Afghanistan and its best features, is utterly seductive through the anecdotes they share and the irresistible beauty of the music they make. When John strikes up the sympathetic strings of the rubab, the commanding presence of this resonant Afghan lute that captured their hearts back in 1973, is felt instantly. As Veronica adds her beautiful, lilting vocals plus some deft touches on the daireh frame drum, it?s impossible not to be intrigued & smitten by Afghan culture in the way they were almost 50 years ago. See them in concert on April 23rd ? aptly ? at St Ethelburgas London Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, with a cinematic warm?up act featuring the young students from the Afghanistan National Institute of Music, in John?s 2011 film, Return of the Nightingales!