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AWIL 180 Thu, 2016-04-14 16:55

Nepalese folk songs from Night band on this A World In London! Thanks to the Making Tracks tour series, audiences throughout the UK have had the rare opportunity to enjoy a group from Kathmandu. Night come equipped with an assortment of instruments that have long disappeared out-of-fashion, championing the musical heritage of their country & revitalising it for the 21st century. However, all is not well in the trekkers? paradise regarded as the gateway to the world?s most desirable peak. Mt. Everest?s locals are still feeling the effects of last year?s devastating earthquake, other natural disasters, plus the ongoing factors of poverty and corruption. Night?s lyrics offer an insight into Nepal beyond the rose-tinted version, raising questions that need to be asked. They also write and sing about the joys of life – weddings, parties, and simple pleasures, including Nepalese New Year which is celebrated today!
Delve into the real Nepal, by Night, on stage at Rich Mix London Sunday April 17th! More info & UK dates: .

Hossam Ramzy – Sabla Tolo IV -Egypt/UK
Ranagri – Wonder – Ireland/UK
42 Strings – Midu Shange – China/USA/UK

Night – Kaalo Dhunga Sirani Timro – Nepal
? ? Baasai Bagayo ? ?
? ? Putali Ko Bhesha Bari Lai ? ?
? ? Ani Ukali Sangai Orali ? ?