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AWIL 178 Thu, 2016-03-31 14:59

Rising young stars, 42 Strings, are just beginning their journey as duo and it?s set to be an amazing ride! Comprised of New Yorker Althea SullyCole on kora and Beijing?s Muqi Li on zheng, these accomplished women met at SOAS last year and naturally gravitated towards each other?s harp orientated instruments. At this London University hub brimming with global musical talent, Muqi Li & Althea have bonded in complete harmony finding common ground over pentatonic scales and clashing keys, composing, synchronising, and ?shwooping?! The world stage is set to be their oyster and these two fledgling talents have a massively bright future ahead of them. Alongside the undulating rhythms, there is a stillness conveyed by this duo, partly born out of the delicate zheng & kora strings and their ethereal combination. So when 42 Strings release their debut album, I?ll be first in line to play it when my frayed nerves need a meditative tonic of infinite beauty. Click here:
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AWIL Goin? Global Gigs Guide: Apr 1 ? Kanda Bongo Man @ Rich Mix, Abi Sampa @ Nehru Centre (Sama Arts Network Women In Music Fest till Apr 28 @ various London venues incl. Nehru Centre), Apr 3 ? Mosi Conde @Passing Clouds, Apr 6 – C?u @ the Forge, Apr 8 ? Najma Akhtar @ Nehru Centre.. More at

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Hossam Ramzy – Sabla Tolo IV – Egypt/UK
Alexander D. Great – Differencism – UK/Trinidad
Fanfare Ciocarlia – Crayfish Hora – Romania
Reem Kelani – Let Us In – UK/Palestine
DAGADANA – Grajo Gracyki – Poland/Ukraine
Djelimady Tounkara – Dianamogo – Mali
The Gloaming – F?inleog – Ireland
42 Strings – The Indian Ocean – China/USA/UK
42 Strings – Midu Shange – China/USA/UK