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If you?ve ever driven through the Spanish countryside you?ll know that it?s the best in the entire world. Endless ochre yellow & rich brown rolling hills dotted with olive groves and swathes of sunflower fields, basking in the scorching rays of the shiniest star. In one particular region ? the Iberian peninsula ? these earthy colours are even more magnificent and it?s also where the musical heritages of Arab traders, Sephardic Jews, and Celts have clashed and combined, culminating in the music of El Na?n . This seven-piece band hail from a tiny village in Palencia but their talents now captivate the globe. Hear El Na?n?s superb 2nd album Codigo De Barros (ARC Music) on this A World In London, their profound message to our world in need of a hug, and the earthy voices of Carlos Herrero & Maria Alba live in the SOAS Radio studio!

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Hossam Ramzy – Sabla Tolo IV – Egypt/UK
Afrika Mamas – Qathaka – South Africa
Faith i Branko – Prozac – Serbia/UK
Ibrahim Traore – Woyika – Mali
Luca Luciano – Divertimento No.11 – Italy/UK
Fela Kuti – Omuti – Nigeria
Eva Salini – Hovani Romni ? fRoots 058 – USA
Ferhat Tun? – Ali Ismail?E Agit – Turkey
Joji Hirota – Suisei – Japan
El Na?n – La Atalya – Spain
El Na?n – El Chiero del Marinero.. – Spain
El Na?n – Entre Los Ajos Y Entre.. – Spain
El Na?n – Hijos del Invierno – Spain

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