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AWIL 175 Mon, 2016-03-14 14:59

New London duo Vocal Global make their radio debut on this A World In London!
Who cannot be wowed by a man who speaks drums, especially when they come from every type of kit on the planet? Match those beat-boxing tricks up with a woman who is a lingual chameleon and trumpet player minus the actual trumpet, and hey voila! ? that gives you just some idea of who Vocal Global are. I first met this duo last year when they auditioned for Live Music Now. We on the interview panel were blown away by their world encompassing repertoire which was based on solely on voice, aside from a few concessions to ?real? instruments like guitar and piano. Adding in their social conscience as grassroots activists and educators, needless to say, David Terosier and Noga Ritter got the job, which now sees them performing and running workshops for the elderly and the young in care homes and schools across the UK. He hails from the Antilles island of Martinique, and she from the Middle East. Both are global travellers, and Noga writes the thoughtful & powerful lyrics which transport their musical journey. A CD is ready to be unveiled to the world but hear it first and exclusively right here in THIS World, in London! Check out their website & find them on Facebook for gigs and album release info:

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