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AWIL 174 Wed, 2016-03-02 13:25

How many music bands from Russia can you name? Yep..thought so… Well there?s only one group you need to remember: OTAVA YO. Hear them on this A World In London! Click here:

Steaming out of St Petersburg in white vests, peasant dress, and ushankas on head with ear-flaps akimbo, Otava Yo bring the abandoned traditions of Russian folksong to the 21st century. They offer a glimpse into life in an old Russian village, replete with romance, melancholy and merrymaking, a fierce sense of pride and a good dose of surreal humour. With lyrical gusil, global guitar, wailing bagpipes, expert fiddle-scraping, pumping bass and pounding drum, their songs of rural passions, heroic sailors, goats and pancakes are delivered with casual wit & playful imagination. They don?t care much about convention: ?if you find that you hear something you do not expect to hear, that’s exactly what we wanted.? They have performed at major European folk festivals and as far afield as Mexico and India, and received an award from the Bratislava Humour Academy. See them on stage at Rich Mix Thursday March 3rd and bring your dancing shoes!

AWIL Goin? Global gigs guide: Mar 3 ? Otava Yo @Rich Mix, Mar 4 ? Afla Sackey @SOAS JCR, Mar 6 ? Ganga Thapa & NAMLO @Woolwich Tramshed, Mar 12 ? Women In Unison @St Ethelburgas incl. PAKAW, Daphna Sadeh, Jyotsna Srikanth + + ….More at
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Hossam Ramzy – Sabla Tolo IV – Egypt/UK

Otava Yo – Kamafinskaya – Russia

Otava Yo – On The Hill – Russia

Otava Yo – Dousja ? Ma Rousja – Russia

Otava Yo – By The River – Russia

Otava Yo – Sumetskaya – Russia