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One of joys of the joys about interviewing Martha D. Lewis is that it’s like having a chinwag with your closest friend on the sofa, with the best music playing in the background – on this occasion, we?re listening to Martha?s latest album, ?Homage To Roza?. Inspired by her leading role in the moving documentary charting the life & times of the legendary queen of the Greek Blues, Roza Eskenazi, Martha crafted this timeless album of exquisite beauty in her Budd Music studio. Rearranging classic songs, and revealing her many talents as a gifted singer, multi instrumentalist, and definitive composer. Between mouthfuls of meze & samosas (Greco/Indo palates), we recall the opening of ?My Sweet Canary? at Cineworld cinemas last year to critical acclaim, after four years in the making. We reflect on Martha?s remarkable career that spans a quarter century from the innovative, much loved 80s duo Donna & Kebab formed with Eve Polycarpou, through world-fusion outfit Cafe Aman in the late 90s, and to now with her current series The Triology Of the Greek Blues. Munching our way through a large plate of chips & ketchup (North Londoner taste buds), Martha explains her mission to spread the magic of rebetiko, for the genre to gain the attention it truly deserves internationally, and to revamp it for 21st century audiences. The Trilogy of the Greek blues launched at Kings Place in 2014 and two essential shows are coming up this weekend – Friday at Brighton Dome and Monday July 6th at Southbank Centre?s Purcell Room, staged especially for African women?s charity WOMA who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. So after this intimate chat with Martha, by now we’ve drunk some ouzo, it’s getting late, and it’s time for us to both head to work as creative people often do at night. She to her recording studio, me to a nightclub. We are left with a warm glow inside from our conversation. Hear it here:


Martha D. Lewis – Roza
” – Misirlou
” – Eeme Prezakias
” – Garsona
” – Pastime
” – Elenitsa
” – Ferte Preza
” – Pasatempo
” – Elenitsa
” – Roza

All tracks from Martha’s latest album “Homage to Roza” on BUDD Music.