AWIL 154 Thu, 2015-06-04 17:27

AWIL 154 – 3/6/2015

Tuareg band Toumast shared their unique, first hand insights about the Kel Tamasheq people in the Saharan desert on this A World In London. Our interview with Toumast is enthralling and fascinating so if you are at all curious about other cultures and lives lived in remote parts of the world that you have never visited, listen here!

Nomadic culture unveiled, struggles for survival & autonomy, a society rich with poetry and pastoral work, cooking pizza in the hot desert sand.. find out about all this and more through Toumast?s CDs ?Ishumar? & ?Amachal?, with powerful lyrics & desert-rock sounds created by Moussa AG Keyna & Aminatou Goumar. See Toumast on stage tonight at the Troubadour Club in Kensington, June 4th and be sure to catch the innovative Royal Geographical Society exhibition THE TUAREG AND A HISTORY OF THE SAHARA before June 20th!


1) Terryazoome – Ellada (UK/Greece)
2) Du-Sems Ensemble – Nihavend Mandra (Turkey)
3) Toumast – Bliss (Sahara/Mali/Niger)
4) Toumast – Maraou Oran
5) Toumast – Kik Ayittma
6) Toumast – Ammilana
7) Toumast – AiR-Tombouctou
8) Toumast – Ezeref

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