AWIL 152 Thu, 2015-05-21 14:36

Supreme ambassador for the West African harp, Seckou Keita was on this #AWorldinLondon! Playing live in the studio, Seckou shared inspiring wisdoms handed down from his grandparents in Senegal whilst also explaining his rich heritage and griot lineage through his Cissokho side of family. Seckou?s compositions are orchestrated from his very heart in order to reach ours, and this gifted musician instils a sense of serenity through his masterful playing and infinite respect for the kora. His new album, ?22 Strings? places the instrument centre-stage, and is forthcoming on ARC Music International Ltd label, May 26th in co-production with Seckou keita and Theatr Mwldan. Meanwhile, catch Seckou on tour across the UK this autumn!


Seckou Keita:
– The Path From Gabou
– If Only I Knew
– Tatono
– Mikhi Nathan
– N?Doke
– Kana-Sila