AWIL 149 Thu, 2015-04-30 20:16

AWIL 149

Two mighty bands on this #AWorldinLondon! Desert blues giants Terakaft flew in from Mali via Paris and showcased their brilliant new album on this AWIL. Diara, Sanou & manager Phillipe Brix spoke about the ever-changing circumstances for the nomadic Tuaregs in the Sahara, 1980s exile to Libya, and the discovery of guitars as a new voice for the ?unemployed? that sparked the creation of Tinariwen. Find Terakaft?s album, ?Alone?, on Out Here Recs May 15th and see them in London during their next Euro tour in September!
Pe-de-Jurema played live on this AWIL with a glorious set of roots music & infectious Afro-Brazilian rhythms from North East Brazil. Members Alba Cabral, Fernando Machado, and Alua Nascimento ? part of the Nascimento caporeira dynasty ? will be on stage at The George Tavern this Sunday, May 3rd. Catch them alongside Kandialy Kouyate and more for the first ever London Unscene event, FREE! Click here to listen:

29/4/15 AWIL 149. Next week Meklit live in the studio from 4pm!

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Terakaft, (Mali)
Terakaft, Anabayou
Terakaft, Tafouk Tele
Terakaft, Karambani
Terakaft, Itilla Ihene..
Terakaft, Oulhin Asnin
Terakaft, Kal Hoggar
Terakaft, Amidnin Senta

Pe-de-Jurema (Brazil/UK)
Pe-de-Jurema, Baiana
Pe-de-Jurema, Zum Zum Zum