AWIL 136 Thu, 2014-12-04 19:35

Superb live session from Valkania on this A World In London! Hear Viktor Mastoridis & Andy Dewar playing their infectious mix of Balkan folk, western rock, and Rhythm n? Blues. With original songs in Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian, plus a cover of a Rolling Stones classic! 3/12/14

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Manteca – Descarga Ghina, UK
Isa Suarez – Le Bleu Du Ciel, UK/Spain/France
Duduvudu – Diamond Express, Sth Africa/UK
Criolo – Fermento, Brazil
Edith Tamayo – Tu Panuelo, Mexico/Denmark
Angelica Lopez & Papayera – La Pava Congona, Colombia/UK
Khiyo – Doyal Tomaro Lagiya, UK/Bangladesh
Valkania – We Live The Life, UK
? Drop By Drop
? Shadowlands
? Paint It Black