AWIL 132 Mon, 2014-11-03 18:09

Re-think everything you know about Goa and hear Mary Anne Cordeiro on this AWIL! She?s an inspiring catalyst for change in India?s smallest but wealthiest state on the west coast. Deccan Heritage Foundation aims to empower children and young people in Goa and is presenting an awesome new initiative this December. Be there at the first Reis Magos International Festival of Music Dec 11th & 12th, or find out what you can do to support the foundation!
Plus in this A World In London, new CDs by Paolo Conte, Razia from Madagascar, Son De La Frontera?s Raul Rodriguez, and the debut album by Namvula! 29/10/14

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Paolo Conte Tropical Italy
Razia Taranaka Afara Madagascar
Namvula Mukwesu Zambia/UK
Sachal Jazz Ensemble Kafi Jazz Pakistan
Raul Rodriguez El Negro Curro Spain
Invisible System Nati in Dub UK/Mali
Pupils from ?Taught to Teach? School in Goa: India
? ? drummer ? ?
? ? Mysterious Girl ? ?
? ? jazz piano