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Around the World in 80s Music: USSR Wed, 2018-02-14 18:19

This time we took a look at the music from the USSR. From major pop acts from Alla Pugacheva to cassette-only releases by underground artist like Kofe, the eighties saw the USSR attempt to find itself amongst the contradictions and shocks of glasnost and perestroika.

Also a note on finding these tracks is hard given the uses of cyrilic and latin text which is often random and inconsistent with releases so if you have any issues get in touch on the SOAS Radio mixcloud page.

Forum – Chto sravnitsya s yunost’nu
Zodiac – Pacific
Kofe – Balance
Alla Pugacheva – Song Bird
Aerobic Exercises – К Звездам
Kino – Mama, My Vse Tyazhelo Bol’ny
Alexander Gradsky – ?!
Arsenal – Festival
Bioconstructer – Bureaucrat
Piknik – Ostrov
Olga Voskon’yan – Automobili