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Around the World in 80s Music: Rai Fri, 2018-03-30 17:16

In this episode we take a look at Rai music. Originating in Algeria in the 1920s and spreading to both Morocco and to France via diaspora communities, the 1980s saw the genre reach the height of its popularity and see a full synthesis of North African indigenous influences and Western Pop. This mix produced a unique kind of danceable rhythms that don’t really appear anywhere else

Cheb Khaled – Chab Rassi
Chaba Fadela – N’Sil Fik
Carte De Sejour – Rhorhomanie
Asif – Tafsut (1985)
Ithran Stars – Wakha Nzwa Yaman
Cheb Mami – Ouach Etsalini
Cheb Kader – Rai Derli
Les Abranis – Akoudar
Aicha Tachinwait – Track 1 (Unknown name)