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Around the World in 80s Music: Mexico Tue, 2018-02-06 19:20

This week we take a look at Mexican music from the 1980s. Includes Latin Pop, Mexican New Wave and even some Jazz fusion, as well as a close look at the “Rock in your language” movement and the renaissance of Mexican rock under the Comrock label.

Click – Duri Duri (Baila Baila)
Casino Shanghai – Sexy Bodies
Gerado Batiz – Esto es un Elefante
Dangerous Rhythm – Indocumentado
Kenny y los Electricos – Suenos
Syntoma – Perdidos en el Espacio
Flans – Corre Corre
Caifanes – Vietno
Emmanuel – Es Mi Mujer
Jorge Reyes – Ek Tunkul