Around the World in 80s Music: Hong Kong Wed, 2018-06-20 16:41

On ATWI80sM this time, we take a look at music from Hong Kong. The music of this era, largely Cantopop. was produced in the shadow of decolonisation and the growth of Hong Kong identity in opposition to the increasingly dominant mainland.

Beyond – 逝去日子 (Days Passed By)
Sally Yeh – She Works Hard for the Money
Priscilla Chan – 反叛 (Rebellious)
Danny Chan – Chuang Shi Ji (Ain’t Nobody)
Andy Lau – 千个想不通
Anita Mui – 將冰山劈開 (Break Open the Iceberg)
Jenny Tseng – 為你而歌 (Song for You)
Leslie Cheung – 拒絕再玩 (I Don’t Want to Play Anymore)
Sandy Lam – I Don’t Know
Tat Ming Pair – Don’t Wait
Cally Kwong – 傷心的我
Paula Tsui – 夢飛行
Roman Tam – Lazerlights