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Around the World in 80s Music: Coldwave Thu, 2017-12-07 16:09

In a special live episode, Around the World in 80s Music looks at Coldwave music from France and Belgian during the 1980s. A form of post punk and minimal electronic, Coldwave is defined by its harsh sound and nihilistic lyrics. Also in this episode we hear some contemporary tracks which are reviving the Coldwave scene.

Jeunesse D’Ivoire – A Gift of Tears
Xeno & Oaklander – Palm
Ohama – The Drum
Ruth – Polaroid/Roman/Photo
Jacno – Rectangle
Les Stagiaires- Airport
KaS Product – Never Come Back
Deux – Decadence
Medio Mutante – Another Land
End of Data – Dans Votre Monde
Led Er Est – Port Isabel
Medikao – WC Boy
Liner Movement – The Linear Way