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Ethio-Jazz for the twenty-first century with Meklit on this A World in London! 

When the People Move, The Music Moves Too, especially when that music is made by Meklit. Addis-born, San Francisco based Meklit Hadero released her third and near-perfect album on Six Degrees Records earlier this year, opening an exciting new chapter in the history of Ethio Jazz and placing her unique compositions firmly at its forefront. Eleven tracks whittled down from fifty-five, showcase Meklit’s superb voice – vocally, lyrically, spiritually – riding intricate African rhythms and richly textured arrangements, featuring East African to Western big band sounds that are as intelligent, bold and brassy as their creator. Seeing the growth & transformation in Meklit over a six year period is heartwarming. When she first guested on AWIL in 2012 with her debut album, the African content was minimal and she spoke mainly about her successful academic career, as a TED Talk Senior Fellow and university lecturer. This time round, Meklit has blossomed into a mature, confident, and distinguished artist that’s ‘complete’ in her music-making, weaving krar, Amharic, and her ancestors’ voices into a soulful, urban repertoire that makes sense of the world and defines a new, intoxicating era in Ethio Jazz –  led by an Amazonian woman. In this interview she credits advice from iconic Ethiopian singer Mulatu Astatke as a major catalyst in her development, but, his words could easily have fallen in and out of lesser ears. Meklit was humble and open to receive his wisdom,  process learning into practice, and the brilliant result of that is When The People Move, The Music Moves Too. For some of us brought up in the diaspora there is a disconnect with our roots that is frustrating and leaves us feeling incomplete – mainstream culture is powerful & complicit in erasing or marginalising Black identities and we can become silenced by fear of getting things wrong. Meklit is at a stage now where she gets everything SO right. See her at WOMAD on Sunday 29th July! www.meklitmusic.com

This A World in London also contains my best ‘verbal typo’ for the 21st century, as I mentioned something about A World In London going out with an almighty gang. Bang. Hopefully, my faux pas is forgiveable because it was our last show in the current season, on a swelteringly hot day in a sauna-like studio. 2017 – 2018 has been a spectacular season for A World in London with such fantastic guests whom we’ve felt so blessed to share time with. See the list below. It’s also been a golden era at SOAS Radio with a supportive and excellent team led by station manager Miia Laine. Similarly, the AWIL team has strengthened and expanded in the last 12 months with dynamic people contributing their voluntary time and individual talents to the programme –  effervescent young SOAS student & singer/songwriter Sophie Darling, retired social worker & passionate music lover Norman Druker, genius artist Alban Low, and steady, dedicated Sofia Gaetani Morris who has juggled AWIL duties plus voluntary work with refugees alongside her studies – we are thrilled to announce that Sofia has just graduated from SOAS University of London with a FIRST! Having this dream team on board, carrying the baton passed on by our previous production assistants – Luna Silva, Melanie Wong, and Anthea Hyrule – makes all the difference to A World in London, and to me, in keeping the show on-air, championing music and artists that fall outside the mainstream. From the bottom of all of our hearts and record boxes, we wish you a delightful Summer and thank YOU for listening!

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ARTIST                                  TRACK                                   COUNTRY

Joji Hirota                   Akita                           Japan/UK

Kedar Sharma            Shakti Shiv                  India/UK

Cheikh Lo                   Tagale                        Senegal

Ali Farka Toure          Gaye Kur                    Mali

Invisible System          Ndiaro                        UK/Mali

Meklit             I Want To Sing For Them All  USA/Ethiopia

‘           ‘                       You Are My Luck        ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       You Got Me                ‘           ‘

‘           ‘                       Yesterday Is A Tizita  ‘           ‘

AWIL Goin’ Global Gigs Guide: July 28 FUNDRAISER FOR GREECE at BALABAM – full line-up tbc. July 28 Kuch Kuch Bollywood Nights @ The Alice EC3A, July 29 Michele Osten @ White Hart Crystal Palace, Aug 4 London Festival of Kurdish Music @ SOAS, Aug 8 Gabriel O Pensador @ Jazz Cafe, Aug 18 Haymanot Tesfa & Night from Nepal @ Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre, Aug 23 Wara @ Oslo Hackney…more at www.djritu.com

25/7/18 – AWIL 270. Also this week, Martin Youth Glover’s Painted Word collective featuring Violetta Violin, Kiranpal Singh, and Gaudi at Resonance, click:https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/a-world-in-london-25th-july-2018/  A World in London returns on September 12th!  #AWorldInLondon is podcast on #Itunes & #Mixcloud:  http://www.mixcloud.com/SOASradio/playlists/a-world-in-london/   A World In London – in its TWELFTH year! Live on Wednesdays, 4pm, from SOAS Radio: mixlr.com/soasradio  and AWIL at Resonance 104.4fm at 6.30pm, repeat Monday 8am, online, DAB & on Resonance Extra 5pm Wednesdays.  Join us on Twitter @aworldinlondon  www.djritu.com   https://www.facebook.com/DjRitu Twitter:@djritu1

Thanks to all our great guests on the shows 2017 – 2018: Balagan Cafe Band, Montgomery Sadler, Kanbeng, Ajay Srivastava, Adam Blake, DJ Vix, Pete Lockett, Cleveland Watkiss, Addictive TV, Tse Tse Fly Middle East, Sheila Chandra, Namvula, James Patrick Gavin, Martin Alvarado, Mary Ann Kennedy, Bahla, Latchepen, Maya Youssef, Tell Tale Tusk, Michael Bristow, Akari Mochizuki, London Gypsy Orchestra, Marina Deligianni, Sofia Pechlivani, Ben Mandelson, Brickwork Lizards, 47 Soul, Elizabeth Nott, Tootard, Amy Lame, Aki Nawaz, Alexander D. Great, Afla Sackey, Yoruba Women’s Choir, Amanda Noar/Impact Theatre Company, Jhuma Limbu, Namlo, Roger Grech, Blood Tub Orchestra, Ramon Goose, Lucie Caswell – Featured Artists Coalition, Seby Ntege, Garth Cartwright, Son Yambu, Paul Fisher, Happy Beigel Klezmer Orkestar, Jamie Renton, Oysland, Branco Stoysin, David Nissen, Daemonia Nymphe, Geoff Berner, Eugenia Georgieva, Kal Lavelle, Marcus Corbett, Djanan Turan, Alice Barron, Richard Jones, Balladeste, Bryde, Karima Francis, Eliza Shaddad, Kabantu, Aimee Leonard, Mishka Adams & Beto Caletti, Ji Liu, Ms. Mohammed, Kedar Sharma, Dom Aversano, Meklit, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, Gaudi, Violetta, Kiranpal Singh, and labels/PR Angie Lemon, ARC Music, Karen Pitchford, Sally Reeves, +++

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