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A World in London 319: Dr. Susan Lim Fri, 2020-04-03 11:51

Dr. Susan Lim is back in her favourite city, steering the next phase of audio production for her epic musical, The Lim Fantasy, at Abbey Road Studios. We caught some precious moments with her on this AWIL in a mind-boggling interview which had our brain cells working overtime to keep up with her genius intellect. What we found was a woman who is compassionate (as you’d hope a physician to be) and prophetic about what’s in store for our aging global population. Loneliness, lack of real social interaction and companionship, could be the biggest challenges that we face, and Lim foresees an inevitable need to embrace  inanimates – robots – in our lives. Lim was the first Singapore surgeon to carry out a liver transplant back in 1991, and since then she’s continued her pioneering scientific work in stem cell research and robotics, but since 2017, medicine and music have jostled for pole position in her life.

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