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A World in London 297 - Bonnendis Thu, 2019-04-18 12:10

London’s very best musicians make up the trio assigned to take you on a beautiful Aegean journey via your ears. Bagpipe queen, Cassandre Balbar, lyra king Thodoris Ziarkis, and laouto prince Nikos Ziarkis are known collectively as Bonnendis, who launched their superb debut album, From the Mountains To the Sea, at Balabam last night.

Setting sail from Tottenham to the Greek islands, Bonnendis stopped by in Crete, Karpathos, Rhodes, Naxos, and beyond, exploring every inch of the musical landscape in each destination, just as they do with their unusual instruments. It would be easy to assume that bagpipes are the preserve of Scottish men in kilts, and that all music from Greece sounds like a bouzouki. Bonnendis are ultra-skilled and passionate ambassadors of lesser-known instruments that deserve a hearing, and when they breathe life into pipes, recorders, and lutes, it’s a joy.

Cassandre and Thodoris are perfect tour guides for the Greek islands, each with its individual identity and rich musical heritage. They know exactly where their music comes from, why, and how, and are renowned and respected for bringing magic & expertise to all the bands they’re involved with: Daemonia Nymphe,Varldens Band, and Amaraterra.

Now that the magic is concentrated From The Mountains To the Sea in Bonnendis’ maiden voyage – hear it on this AWIL!

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