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A World In London - 296 - Fiona Fey Tue, 2019-04-16 12:07

We love exclusives at AWIL especially when they’re as excellent as Fiona Fey’s forthcoming CD, Naïve Wisdom. It’s a triumphant debut in every respect, beginning with her exquisite voice, which has such rare qualities of depth and tone, plus multiple personas ranging from sultry to smooth, and strident to playful. Ubiquitous percussionist/vocalist Rey Yusuf – on our show just two weeks ago playing davul with Daemonia Nymphe – adds extra beauty and perfect harmony to Fiona’s unplugged version of ‘For You’ on this AWIL.

The pair are often to be found singing together, with the folk feminist superwomen of Tell Tale Tusk, when Fiona isn’t busking solo in Columbia or Portobello Road. Fellow Tuskette  and violinist Anna Lowenstein is also a key contributor to Naïve Wisdom along with Irish London fiddler James Patrick Gavin, so Fiona has collected together some of London’s finest musicians to frame her tremendous talent. Naïve Wisdom reveals Fiona to be an outstanding vocalist, musician, and lyricist, but also an incredible producer and arranger.

She’s crafted an album that recalls the big-band/orchestral hits of the 60s, loaded with lush strings, guitar, honest kit-drumming, brass, and even a french horn. The sound is Bacharach & David for Dionne Warwick, George Martin’s Cilla, and the sensational voice of Dusty Springfield through echo chambers, reverse gates, and richly layered production, reminiscent of epic, one-take, live recordings.

Thank heavens her TTT sisters encouraged Fiona to give up her job at Harrods to focus on releasing her full potential into music, and all aspects of how to make it extraordinary Naïve Wisdom will be out later this year –  you’d be wise to catch the preview on this show and keep an eye on Fiona here:

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