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A World in London 295 - Anthony Joseph Fri, 2019-04-05 11:39

Last November a concert took place at The Barbican which EVERYBODY wanted to go to. Windrush: A Celebration, was curated by poet, novelist, and musician, Anthony Joseph, and putting modesty aside for a moment, even he describes it as ‘epic’. The concert collected local & international legends like Calypso Rose, Mighty Sparrow, and Jason Yarde, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of HMT Windrush’s arrival in Essex, and flew in the face of recent and despicable UK government policy to deport some of the Windrush generation.

Anthony Joesph has always had a timely finger on the pulse of our past, and how that informs our present, calling out racism and spelling out the legacy of slavery and colonialism. Through his work, he stands proud plus connected to his Caribbean and African roots, recognising their value in the diaspora, and rightful place in UK culture.

It’s no surprise that he’s written the only biography of another icon, and grand-master of Calypso, Lord Kitchener, whose musical travels between Trinidad and England echo Anthony’s own. ‘Kitch’ is up for various awards and the only surprise is that no-one else bothered to write about him before.

On this AWIL you’ll hear a brilliant track from Anthony’s seventh and latest album, ‘People of The Sun’ which is loaded with funky jazz and Afrobeats, topped with his profound lyrics and voice of gravitas. Listen up when Anthony Joseph speaks, whether with a pen or mic, to one of the most eloquent sages of our times.

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