A World in London 275 - GRRRL Thu, 2018-11-01 15:37

There’s a rare chance to catch the most dazzling, daring, and dynamic music collective at Rich Mix this week, when GRRRL launch their debut album, ‘We Work, We Play’, on November 2nd!

Global organisation, In Place of War, teamed up with outstanding female artists from Ghana, Venzuela, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe back in 2016, and since then GRRRL has rocked stages across the world with their revolutionary & mind-blowing sets! We caught gifted Khiyo vocalist – Sohini Alam, Lioness of Africa – Wiyaala, dancehall legend – Lei Di Dai, and maverick DJ/producer – MABE in our studio for an exclusive preview and were struck by the intercontinental bonding between theseeffervescent, proud, politicised women, whose individual power seems to be magnified by working together. There’s a mutual respect for each other’s skills, culture, and talent, mixed with a clear appreciation of the opportunity to create music enhanced by female energy, plus a shared understanding of what it means to be women, musicians, and of colour, in a man’s world. See GRRRL on Friday at Rich Mix, when they’ll Work, Play, and infinitely roarrrr!

Get tickets here: https://bit.ly/2OfeFnX

Special discount code for AWIL listeners: GRRRLSTUDENT.

More about GRRRL: https://inplaceofwar.net/grrrl/