A World in London - 273 - Shirley Smart Mon, 2018-10-15 12:43

London, Oct. 24th at the Vortex – that’s when Shirley Smart launches her debut album! Her rich and varied repertoire is somehow condensed into thirteen instrumentals on ‘Long Story Short’, revealing Shirley’s magnificent skills. She’s a game changer for the cello, bringing out its beauty, versatility, and many attributes. Long Story Short’ comes from an artist whose own story in music is infinitely long, and very well travelled, taking in a decade of gigs & collaborations in Jerusalem, concerts across Europe & the Middle east, plus every prime venue in the UK’s capital. Wherever she’s been, Shirley connects with every city and unearths all the musical positives & possibilities. Her repertoire wrapped around a Jazz framework includes North African, Moroccan, Palestinian, as well as others. We’ve tasted some of this through her work with groups like Melange and the Balagan Cafe Band, but ‘Long Story Short’ places Shirley and her cello triumphantly centre stage! www.shirleysmart.com